Hi, I’m Erin Donley, Communication Expert based in Portland, Oregon. I teach influential people how to choose their words wisely, so they gain respect, build rapport, and get the results they desire in business.

As a regular contributor for the Huffington Post, my articles tend to challenge the status quo and bring human-heartedness back into the way we speak and write.

It all began in 1st grade on school picture day. While standing in line, I listened to the photographer call each girl “princess” to entice bigger smiles.

When I stepped up in my gray wool blazer, power-red turtleneck and argyle socks, the photographer said, “Well hello, Nancy Reagan. Let me see you smile.

This validated my suspicion that I wasn’t like other kids. In fact, princess fantasyland was appalling to me.

I preferred speaking to adults who would tell me about their lives. Some of them would confess to unhappy marriages, failures at work and arguments with friends. The more details they’d provide, the more satisfied I’d be.

I jumped at the chance to go to funerals because I longed to witness adults who could show their true feelings.

Even as a kid, I could see: the things we do not say eventually get in the way. Our unspoken thoughts and neglected dreams cost us time, money, health, relationships, and most of all… emotional energy.

By age 10, a therapist labeled me, “addicted to drama.” For the next 20 years, I slapped on fake smiles and did what I was told with minimum resistance.

But as a young adult, I could no longer keep up the false facade.

After a lucrative career as a media sales executive, I left the corporate scene, seeking role models who could show me when (and how) to swallow my pride or express my views — carefully and professionally.

This led me to the spiritual hub of the Pacific NW, New Renaissance Bookshop, where I created a hugely successful email column designed to showcase the store’s books and products.

For the first time since childhood, I was reminded of how much I love to examine the unseen, unheard, and unspoken aspects of human existence. My New Renaissance column became a gigantic money maker and put deserving healers and authors on the map.

This launched my copy writing and consultation business called Marketing Your Truth. In this venture, I strengthened the sales, authenticity, and voice of hundreds of thought leaders.

This led me to create and host my own TV show called, Reveal What’s Real, where the most difficult topics were unabashedly opened for discussion… all with the intent of exposing the GOOD that’s occurs when we can speak about what’s hidden and uncomfortable in life.

Today, I’m a professional speaker and business communication trainer. Companies hire me to boost the skills and confidence of each person in the workplace, and to help them realize how much their words matter… and how important it is to choose them wisely.

It takes a special kind of person to ask:

  • Are my words coming across as intended?
  • How can I say this differently?
  • What could I say to get the results I want?

I’m grateful to help these leaders in business become Communication Role Models.

Additionally, it’s a joy for me to embrace who I am and practice clear, intentional communication, no matter what.

Let’s meet online and keep the conversation going:

“Erin Donley is a brilliant teacher with an edgy, raw style that almost ALWAYS make me nod my head and wonder how she’s stolen my unvoiced thoughts and feelings, especially the ones I donʼt know Iʼm having until she articulates them.” ~ Sandi Goodwin

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“No one has to change, but everyone must have the conversation — and when real conversations occurs, change happens naturally.”
– David Whyte

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