Hi, I’m Erin Donley, Ghostwriter and Communication Expert in Portland, Oregon.

I work with influential people who want the quality and originality of their words to boost their career, and benefit those around them.

As a contributor to the Huffington Post, my articles tend to challenge individuals and provide nontraditional ways to view human interaction.

Even as a kid, adults would tell me about their lives, allowing me to listen intently. In school, I sought out leadership positions so that everyone’s perspective could be represented. I would even jump at the chance to go to funerals because it all seemed important to me.

The things we do not say eventually get in the way. We pay a price for our unspoken thoughts and neglected dreams. I could sense this early in life and I wanted to learn what stands in the way of making our words matter.

This led me to one of the top communication schools in the country, Ohio University.

After completing my degree, Portland, Oregon became my new hometown and I started a career as a media sales consultant in radio. This put me in front of thousands of business owners who would tell me about their marketing problems, and then allow me to solve them. It was a natural fit.

Next, I started writing a personal growth column for a prominent book store in Portland. For years, I interviewed hundreds of high-profile authors who wanted to be known as cutting-edge communicators. My articles made the cash register ring and they taught me how to influence others into positive action.

Today, I write books (anonymously, as a ghostwriter) and create compelling content for leaders who want their words to be powerfully received. When they see their stories in print, it’s one of the most rewarding lifetime experiences.

Those who work with me insist on expressing themselves and leaving a legacy of which they can be proud. They don’t hold back on what they want because they know their voice matters. Together, we clarify their words and make their stories come to life!

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“Erin Donley is a brilliant writer with an edgy, raw style that almost ALWAYS make me nod my head and wonder how she’s stolen my unvoiced thoughts and feelings, especially the ones I donʼt know Iʼm having until she articulates them.” ~ Sandi Goodwin

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“No one has to change, but everyone must have the conversation — and when real conversations occurs, change happens naturally.”
– David Whyte

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