Words from valued clients:

As veteran media professionals, we want to make a strong impression for our clients and company. When we have to craft an important message, Erin helps us find the words to get it across succinctly and powerfully. When the “send” button gets hit, the results we want are on the way. ~ Katie Walther, Run Spot Run Media

I’m very careful about my voice and how I write and speak to our customers. There are few people I would even consider to help me with my words and messaging. Erin Donley is not only among the select few, but she may be the chosen ONE. Her passion for truth in marketing is brilliant. Erin has a command of craft, voice and the ability to expertly elicit key information from her clients in order to express the perfect nugget that conveys the authenticity we’re all after.

Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutritionist and founder of an online nutrition enterprise, Replenish PDX:

It’s rare to find someone who can tune in so directly and astutely to one’s unique communications needs. Erin has this gift. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels their work is intricate or a challenge, because what you want is someone who can get the essence and partner with you in bringing it forward.

Renee Lertzman, Researcher and Communication Specialist on the Psychological Dimensions of Sustainability:

Erin makes my writing much more professional and clear. I am a trainer, not a writer. This is what she specializes in. Erin is unique in her ability to think outside the box. She is creative, prompt and will give you honest feedback that will make you better. You have 7 seconds to make a first impression, Erin will help you create a more positive one!

Allison Clarke, President of Allison Clarke Consulting:

Working with Erin was nothing short of an amazing experience. She is more than a masterful wordsmith and marketing expert, she is an advocate; supporter and believer in her clients. I have already made back my investment in working with her and then some.

David Hamilton, Speaker, Coach and Founder of Everlution:

I consider Erin Donley an invaluable member of my innermost circle of professional support.  When we met, I was in a period of professional transition, working to more clearly identify and hone my focus as a copywriter. I saw immediate results from our work together and made our weekly meetings a priority in my business budget.  Over the past several years, Erin has helped me to continually refine my approach and closer into alignment with my own purpose and passion.  As a result, I have been able to establish myself as a strong and clear communicator.  I would not be where I am today without Erin’s truthful insights and enthusiastic collaboration.

Delila Olsson, professional copywriter and the President of Wize Communications:

One thing I can guarantee that you will get from Erin is total focus and complete commitment to you and your needs. She’s been instrumental in helping me understand the responsibilities and opportunities which abound around my platform as an author. It is my honor and pleasure to highly recommend her services. And here’s the bonus: she’s a dang good person, too.

Graham Salisbury, Children’s Book Author:

I had a very successful corporate career, but I needed help in my own business finding language that my intended audience would understand and resonate with. Erin was amazing!  I filled her table with product ideas, half-baked thoughts of who I wanted to sell to, and the mission I wanted to accomplish.  She truly listened and then walked me through the process of creating my message and strategy on how to break into my new marketplace.  Her guidance has helped me truly connect with my clients and in doing so, I’ve established my new business quickly and with great success.

Martha Soria Sears, President, Next Step Transformation Consulting: — Author of: Colors for Life: A Workbook — published by Balboa Press a division of Hay House

I needed to draw the clients that resonated with me and my work. Erin’s wide array of contacts and ability to concisely explain my strengths in a way that appeals to people at all levels of interest was the single most effective avenue used to build my Ayurvedic practice. Her genuine enthusiasm for my work and desire to help me get this ancient healing knowledge into the community was invaluable.

Susan Bass, Ayurvedic practitioner, The Art of Digestion:

As a new business owner, I needed direction on how to expose my services and to do it successfully. The right content, words and messages were crucial to my overall branding and marketing. Erin gave me the help I needed to meet these objectives, as well as, the motivation to continue to keep pushing myself creatively. Her spirit is contagious and beyond business, she is a blast to work with!

Jarod Cogswell, Founder of Enterprise Athlete, fitness business consulting:

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